Website Refresh

It’s been a busy week for me this week giving the website a makeover and adding some great features for both our suppliers and customers. We hope you like the new design and as always with new features, if you spot a glitch please let us know!

Maker Reviews

You can now add reviews for the different makers that you’ve bought from. This is more appropriate than product reviews as many of the products for sale here are one-offs!

Secure Checkout Options

Some people love Paypal, some hate it! So we’ve added another option for checking out that’s even easier and quicker. We accept all main credit and debit cards, and of course it’s totally secure.

And much more

A features list always ends in “and much more”, and that’s because most of the improvements we’ve made you won’t even notice, but they make the whole website far easier to use and slicker.

Thanks for checking out the site.